11 June: I am pleased to report that The Stars at Noonday site has been conducting a real-time review of my just released novel: ‘Nemonymous Night’.


“The sense of plot grows greater with every passing page, even as new elements
are introduced and the playfulness continues…”

“Mutation, evolution, degeneration lead to disturbingly vivid hybrid-visions.  A
subterranean journey leads to revelations, one of which has all the force of a
plot twist in a thriller.”

Nemonymous Night positively flaunts its constructed nature, is almost
arrogant in its indifference to coherence and structure, and yet, somehow, Lewis
ties it all together.”

“Hostile readers who have been sticking with the book despite frustration will
likely choose this moment to toss it across the room.”

“I think readers will understand that a bizarre, associative novel of the weird
whose plot wanders and recirculates like Moses in the desert can nonetheless be
rendered fascinating, but I don’t think that general understanding does justice
to this particular instance. Part of it, perhaps, is that the recurring images are somehow resonant…”

“I have now finished Nemonymous Night.  And, on another level, have come to
terms with the fact that I have scarcely read it at all.”

“The substance of the novel is retained, but the grace of individual passages
must wait for slower, contemplative rereading, once the mind has been able to
prepare itself for such a thing.”

But the above extracts do not do justice to this long review (linked above).


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  1. An additional comment by the reviewer, i.e. from the abridged Amazon.com version of the real-time review:
    “If you have an eye and ear for the bizarre, the playful, and the wistfully philosophical, this novel will be a rare treat.”

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