A painting by Ade Hodges:

<<”Des Lewis Chews On The Wyrdling’s Leg”, 40 x 50 inches
for Des Lewis, fabulist-fictioneer extraordinaire…>>

In a different age, Ade Hodges was editor of New Visions, Nova SF magazines etc. I really like his ground-breaking style in painting combining landscapes and abstract in the way he combines them.


EDIT (4 Jul 12): A retrocausal painting of Higgs boson from Cern Zoo.


2 responses to “2

  1. New Visions #1 (1989)
    Editor: Adrian Hodges (of Nova SF)
    Cover: Simon King
    Work by Dave Cunliffe, John Light, Bruce P Baker, Dave W Hughes (of Works), David Mathew (yes, that one, very young!), Kevin Lyons (of The Scanner) and others.

  2. Cf: the image on the right in the new painting with the image on the magazine cover!

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