29/30 March 2012

Interesting take by one of my favourite writers – Christopher Priest – on the Clarke Award short list. (My novel ‘Nemonymous Night’ was on the original list of sixty): http://www.christopher-priest.co.uk/journal/1077/hull-0-scunthorpe-3/

Thinking about it further on a personal level: I’d be happy with any resultant shortlist if I thought all those creating the shortlist had read thoroughly the sixty novels on the original long list. Mr Priest, too, when criticising the short list.
As to ‘Nemonymous Night’ – this is Jules Vernian-SF – and I’d be happy if it had several fair but bad reviews. Then I’d know where it stood. No fault of anyone, but it has only had a few reviews: (linked from here: https://nemonymousnight.wordpress.com/reviews/ for reference), the first being a 5 star Amazon review from a respected Amazon reviewer. One of the others was tentative at worst, the other three fairly enthusiastic at best.
But very few people seem to have actually read it. I hope I’m not tempting fate, but, with this comment, I hereby encourage into the public domain all those fair but bad reviews harbouring in readers’ or critics’ hearts, rather than just a handful of fairly good reviews it has received so far.
Revie(w)’s Leeds United 0 Colchester United 4.
Meanwhile, I admire Priest’s Hull/Scunthorpe article. I know he didn’t write it for this reason; but his work is a league above all of us.
My own take on his ‘The Islanders’ last September:

‘Admiration’  at the overall article is however not necessarily the same as agreement with the caricatural mini-reviews embodied in the article: the Priest’s Sculthorpe ‘Earth-Cry’…

On all the public pronouncements I’ve ever seen showing the sixty novels on the original Clarke Award list, the title of my novel is wrong. And still is wrong. Assuming they had a copy of the book to consider, they didn’t look at it, it seems.


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  1. You can buy Peter Sculthorpe’s ISLAND DREAMING here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sculthorpe-Island-Dreaming-String-Quartets/dp/B001RRGQ8A

    Cf: Christopher Priest: Dream Archipelago: Hull/Scunthorpe…sculthorpe…

    The above blog was intended as a self-referential meditation on Priest’s Scunthorpe-Hull article, but the more I looked into Sculthorpe’s music (I knew some of it already), I see it is heavily connected with Oceania and other Islandy matters: and, if there was ever a film of Priest’s work: Dream of Wessex, Infinite Summer, Islanders and other ‘Dream Archipelago’ connections, then Sculthorpe (who I believe, according to today’s Wikipedia, is still alive in his 80s) would be the ideal candidate to compose its music.

  2. Chomu Press have recently written an interesting comment about the Christopher Priest controversy on their Facebook page.

    I made it no secret in various places over the last few weeks in public that I considered their publication of HERE COMES THE NICE by Jeremy Reed as the novel that should win.
    In fact, before I knew it was on the Clarke Awards longlist, I publicly listed it as my favourite novel of 2011.

  3. My ancient comparison of TV’s Life on Mars and CP’s The Affirmation:

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