Not Forgetting SunNemo

The Des Lewis Gestalt Real-Time Reviews

The Nemonymous Night Covid-19 distillation –

Nemonymous Night is a guided tour through a sinister fantasia of the everyday and the extraordinary that will haunt the reader like their most tenacious dreams and lead them to the centre of their own unimaginable reality. — HELLNOTES (2011)

Quotes from NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (Chômu Press 2011)

“Only later does the book discover that the world is quite a different world from the one for which it has been prepared.”

“The dream sickness – like a ‘flu pandemic – caused queues at doctors’ surgeries for tablets intended for an illness from which they didn’t know they suffered …”


“in the Core’s scatter-orange light…”

There is much about the CORE in Nemonymous Night, and when within the Earth it’s seen as another SUN in another sky. Cf Covid as CORona. (Also see my own Core Mythos in some of my published stories in the 1990s)

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